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rp log: Rin & Kai, random poolside fluff

Date: Tuesday, August 19
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Rin and Kai escape from their assigned groups to hang out by the pool.

Are you going to try to run again~?Collapse )

rp log; Bunta & Akaya

log: Niou & Akaya, adventures in hair care

date: Wednesday, 8/13
rating: pg
summary: Akaya has decided that Niou needs help with his hair, so volunteers to educate him in the use of conditioner and product.
warnings: nudity, fluff, and Niou.

And the second time makes you smell like roses.Collapse )

rp log; Sanada & Akaya

Characters: Sanada & Akaya
Date: Thursday, May 15th, afternoon
Rating: G
Summary: Severely backdated. Sanada visits Akaya after school and brings him a couple of treats to munch on before Niou comes.

maybe Akaya would share, evenCollapse )

[script] Kamio, Shinji

Date: 07.31.2008
Rating: G
Summary: After witnessing a teammate and another guy kissing, Kamio gets something like a much needed clue brick to the head -- and has his typical reaction to such things~. Shinji takes advantage of the opportunity presented to him to test something out.

... What happened?Collapse )


rp log; niou & akaya, nightmares

Date: July 6th (It's been finished for aaaaages. |D;;;)
Rating: PG
Summary: Akaya has a bizarre nightmare, which leads to waking Niou up in the middle of the night. ♥ A short talk ensues, cuteness maybe, which continues until morning.

He couldn't smell gas, and it didn't look like anything was burning, so Akaya had to have a very good reason for shaking him up like that.Collapse )
I forgot to make this post a couple of days ago, so I'm going to quickly hash it out, now. ♥

1) Regionals: Upon further discussion with Anne Marie last night, and judging by the responses to the last post, I figured that we can consider Yamabuki, Seigaku, Rikkaidai and Hyoutei in the semi-finals - Yamabuki against Hyoutei (an Atobe and Sengoku match? Oh god, Sengoku's going to die, and not because of lack of tennis skill), and Seigaku against Rikkaidai. I had thought it better to be the other way around (Seigaku vs. Hyoutei, Rikkai vs. 'Buki), but as Anne Marie pointed out, Atobe may be psycho with his training regime, now, but Seigaku still have some considerably strong players even with Tezuka, Ryoma, and Momo and Kaidou being out of the picture from the canon regulars. So, them losing to Rikkai would make more sense (always win Rikkai! \o/ Or something, good morning, Sanada). As for 'Buki and Hyoutei... well, it'd be a close match, but Hyoutei has more talented players on their regulars (sorry, 'Buki - at least you advance).

Anyway, babbling aside, is everyone alright with that?

2) ...I'm going to injure Sanada. :D; Nothing horribly serious, of course, and he'd be a-okay for Nationals, but I need to in order to prevent the Tango Pair from seriously arguing for the next two months with Regionals/Senbatsu/Nationals on the horizon because my brain/heart can't take it... >>; It'll be during the finals at Regionals (provided that Rikkaidai goes against Hyoutei, and Sanada/Atobe wind up playing a match against one another), and Sanada's going to sprain his wrist somehow that will turn into a default win for Atobe. Rikkai would still win, of course, but it'd knock Sanada out of practice for at least a week or two (I don't know if I could keep him away for any longer), and I haven't decided whether or not he'd be okay for Senbatsu.

Yes, I know. I'm a horrible person. At least he'll be able to play in Nationals? ♥?

3) Um... I feel like there should be a... oh, that's right. Also, for venue choices for both Senbatsu and Nationals: I propose Osaka for Nationals, and Tokyo for Senbatsu as per usual. I know some people had put in a vote for Senbatsu to take place in Okinawa, but I just don't think that would be plausible or logical. However, if that's what people want to go with, I'm down with that; it doesn't really matter to me. ♥

4) I don't think there is a number four. Yay team! \o/
Date: Monday, June 2
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Shishido and Oshitari patch things up. :D

I want you to promise me something.Collapse )